This is a list of the services that will be offered by the SCL-UPRM. For specific needs, please send us an email using this link.

  • Design of traditional and non-traditional experimental designs.
  • Design of traditional and complex surveys.
  • Perform conventional and sophisticated data analysis in epidemiology, public health, market research, social sciences, biology, pharmaceutical industry, among others.
  • Management of databases.
  • Support for grant proposal development.
  • Assessment of projects in different areas.
  • Professional development: Workshops and short courses on statistical topics and software (e.g., SAS, R, SPSS, etc) according to the needs of the client.

The cost of the services will be determined based on the conditions of each project. This cost will depend on several factors, so it will be established once the director discuss the details with the client.

The laboratory offers free-of-charge statistical consulting to graduate students from UPRM who are working on projects related to their thesis or dissertation. The number of projects per semester under these conditions will be limited, so please contact the director of the SCL-UPRM at the beginning of each semester. Make sure you specify your current academic status in the e-mail. If you are a student from another institution the consulting services will imply a charge.



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